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Traditional And Contemporary Beadwork Lectures,
Group Lessons and Workshops

Colorado Master Traditional Beadworker (certified Master by Colorado State Folklorists in 1984) Susanne Aikman is available for lectures, group lessons and workshops.

Your organization can sponsor these learning activities for adult groups as a fund raiser or educational event.

The events are tailored to your group needs with appropriate materials furnished. Prices can be hourly, per student or basic contract, plus expenses.

Susie Aikman is the author of A PRIMER: The Art of Native American Beadwork and producer and writer of the video of the same name. She is a charter and lifetime member of the Rocky Mountain Bead Society and has lectured and taught at museums, bead societies, folk festivals, churches, corporate awareness events and Native organizations across the country. She learned her craft traditionally from many elders of eastern tribes while growing up.

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